A letter-writing game to discuss the Jane Austin-esque courtly affairs of mecha pilots.
A quick set of advice for making your own SRD
System Reference Document for writing arcana-generating epistolary games.
Generate a Vertical Take-Off and Landing vehicles for the space-future we all deserve.
Generate some little things that float around you and do stuff.
Generate mysterious spinxes for equally mysterious worlds!
Non-verbal TTRPG safety tool (but like... for bugs)
Generate your own male witch who is male and also a witch!
A touch-building exercise for two androids who are growing together
A deck of design lenses for designing and playtesting ttrpgs or other physical games
A lyric game about the sharpening of blades, and the purposes they carry.
A collection of Bad Games™ that Are Good Actually™, Except That They're Not™
A lyric game about what game designers already do anyway.
Tell misremembered stories of celebrations from your home planet
KICK ASS and WEAR SHIRTS. Mostly the latter.
​An officially unlicensed game of uncontrolled chaos