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It's exactly 1 year since people first started hunting billionaires for sport. In that time the sport has grown at an extraordinary rate, giving rise to both the Extrajudicial Means Distribution Union and Nero.tv. Nations around the world have enacted a total ban on firearms and ammunition sales, as well as dedicated buyback schemes for existing guns. Science and arts have seen a simultaneous market boon, and their advances have integrated seamlessly into daily life. Welcome to 2023.


A game for 1 session runner and 2-5 hunters. Runs about 2-3 hours.

As a one-shot: It's easy to pick up, simple to explain, provides a quick reference sheet for those new to the rules. Low prep (could easily be run entirely improvised), fast-paced, and provides a satisfying narrative exit 2/3rds of the way through the session in case you are running over time.

As a campaign: Interesting and variable character advancement, progressive and gentle introduction to more advanced rules. World-building, character background, collaborative action, and character retirement all tied together mechanically. Plot threads strategically placed in the lore and mechanics for session runners to expand upon. Designed to allow you to swap session runners without interrupting the flow of the narrative so no one is stuck with the responsibility of running every session themselves and doing all the work involved in keeping a campaign running (it's hard! We get it!).


I hope to do another update in the future that will focus on providing a lot of cool locations, characters, and factions to the world-setting. With some very smart and very cool guest writers. Also maybe a layout update if I can get help from the guy I want working on it. But for now, I've put everything else on the backburner too long to work on this update, and I'm keen to dig into some really cool projects that are only partially completed, so don't expect to see that update for at least a year. DO expect to see other cool games, though. Very excited for what I'm doing next.


(Stock photo from Ralph via Pexels.com)


Buy Now$25.00 USD or more

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