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Supporting this game will  help me pay for: layout, fancy cover art, guest writing of locations, factions, characters, etc.

Later editions will be added as updates on this page, and the price will be adjusted accordingly. Meaning if you buy it cheap now, you will get the full edition upon release. Some things I have planned for later editions include:

 * Some tremendous cover art. I can't tell you who yet, but I've reached out to an astounding artist for a commission.
 * An example of one session's worth of prep. It should be pretty easy to DIY a session with the example as a guide.
 * World setting. SO MUCH OF IT. Some of it is already written, but most of it I hope to get excellent collaborators for.
 * An expansion involving mercenaries that take drugs and hunt literal nightmares.
 * Possibly an expansion involving psychopomps protecting the souls of the dead.
 * VTOL racing?
 * The Spectacle and Famished sections of character creation, and their related mechanics.
 * Better layout. Internal art? Not sure where to go with this, but I do have my eyes on a freelance layout artist who has a suitable flair.
 * More traumas. More skills. More devices.
 * Examples of play.
 * An acknowledgements section, obviously. Should really have one already, not that I have much to speak of yet.
 * Hopefully some ace/aro rep, a thing sorely lacking in ttrpgs.

NB: this hasn't been playtested for a while and my main concern is the new rules don't telegraph well when to use dice rolls and when to use action sequences etc. as well as the general structure of a hunt. I'm gonna work on that stuff soon, and hopefully put together an example of play as the first update. But I'm very open to immediate feedback about what things are hard to understand. You can hit me up here or on twitter.

(Stock photo from Giannino Nalin via Pexels.com)


Buy Now$15.00 USD or more

In order to download this hunt you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $15 USD. You will get access to the following files:

Hunting Billionaires For Sport v22.5.06.pdf 459 kB
Hunting Billionaires For Sport v22.5.06.md 29 kB

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