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This is just a quick guide on how to make a system reference document for a ttrpg.  I made it for the TTRPG Resource Jam hosted by Ken Davidson.
Hope it's helpful.


Pricing note: this guide is free, with a small suggested donation as it was a small amount of work.


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Hi. I want to give a little background first: I am a semi-casual enjoyer of tabletop RPGs - one of those folks who have read the source material as well as understood the rules and show (probably) visible disappointment when someone did not even put the effort into read the summary of the class they’re playing - I’m snobby like that. Over the years I’ve partaken in improving “about 3?” different iterations of a (LARP) rule system and I enjoy pondering about the different aspects game design - mind you, there is still every chance that I’m not good at it.

With that in mind: I’ve never encountered the term System Reference Document before and had to look it up. I do not think it would be your “responsibility” to explain the concept to casual readers like me, but I can’t help but notice that there would still be just enough room on the first page for a small “What is a System Reference Document (or SRD for short) - and what isn’t?” paragraph. ;)