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Male Witch Generator is a bookmark microsystem for Witch jam, hosted by Alicia Furness! I'm also entering this into Bookmark Game Jam, hosted by Diwata ng Manila.

Conceptually, the system is a fun response to the phrase "There are already male witches, they're called warlocks.", which contextualizes almost every design decision I made for it. Especially the approach to gender and gender roles.

The choice to only generate the witch's least powerful spell was also reactionary (working on the assumption that someone who's going to be annoying about warlocks probably cares about powerful combat spells, so I was like "How would you like it if I only give you the opposite of that?"), and as good as it is as a bit, after testing it I really love it for lightweight character creation. It gives a good starting point for what they might be able to do without setting a maximum limit on it, and adds a little flavour to the character's personality. I'll try to use similar approaches in some of my future works.


Pricing note: This hobby work is paywalled at $3, with a suggested price of $4.

If you have an entry in either of the jams mentioned, tweet me and I'll swap you a free copy even if your game is free.


Buy Now$3.00 USD or more

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