A downloadable birthday party

An officially unlicensed game of uncontrolled chaos set in the Neoscum universe.

Partake in the wildest of sins, the sauciest of condiments, and the drunkenist of brawls as you throw/attend the biggest party since Jeff Bezos' robot clone was finally defeated in one-on-one combat with a genetically enhanced supersoldier bear in 2054. 

Content note: sex, drugs, probably rock and roll. Also food and some vaguely conservative sounding by names. Recommend playing with a lines and veils system.

Happy birthday Dak Rambo, you salacious meathunk.


Pricing note: This game is a fanwork, and is thus free for NeoScum fans. If you are not a NeoScum fan, you can just become one for free.


Dak Rambo's Birthday Bash'n'Pash.md 7 kB
Dak Rambo's Birthday Bash'n'Pash.pdf 1 MB
Dak Rambo's Birthday Bash'n'Pash.zip 15 MB

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